Fantastic Frozen Fruit

Everyone’s always complaining about gaining the freshman 15. Well what I can tell you is that it’s not hard to keep eating the way you did before you came to college. There’s more temptation here obviously, but you can control yourself, I promise. One way I managed to keep my weight relatively steady was by keeping frozen fruit in my freezer in my room. It satisfies your craving for something crunchy as well as something sweet. They’re super cheap, and not to mention a whole heck of a lot better for you than chips. What I did to keep things interesting was I would mix some Greek yogurt in a bowl with the frozen fruit and then put it in the freezer so it hardens. The next morning I would have it for breakfast, and you have healthy little pieces of fruit covered in frozen yogurt. It was one of the best hacks I found to keep myself from eating junk food all the time. Happy snacking!


  • Frozen fruit
  • Greek yogurt


  1. Mix yogurt and frozen fruit in a bowl
  2. Place in freezer and freeze for about 4 hours/overnight
  3. Enjoy!

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