Limitless Letters

Thinking of ideas to personalize your room is hard, especially when you’re not the least bit creative. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate my room. So, I started with a decoration for my door. Granted my RA wasn’t very fond of me covering up her name-tag she made for my door, she eventually got over it. I went to my local craft store, and I found a plain wooden letter ‘M’. My favorite color is blue, so I picked up some light blue spray paint as well. If you’re as picky as I am, make sure the color you choose matches your bedding (even though it’s going to be on your door). Now, here was the fun part. Since I wanted everything the same color, I had to find something to decorate my door with that matched the color of the spray paint. Thankfully, I found light blue crystal gems that stick to everything. I may not be a super girly-girl, but I do love my sparkles. Now, if you wanted to hang it above your bed instead of on your door, I would suggest finding ribbon that matches that you can use to hang it on the wall. Just make sure to use Command strips and not a hammer and a nail when you go to hang it.

When I got back to my house, I put a ton of newspaper down outside on my front lawn and got to work! First, I spray painted the front, back, and sides of the letter making sure it was completely covered. Then once that dried, I meticulously placed the blue gems in straight lines on my ‘M’. Feel free to do it free hand with whatever you find to decorate your letter of course, but if my gems would have been randomly placed on the letter, I would have had a panic attack. If you’re using something that doesn’t have an adhesive back, I would suggest using a hot glue gun to make sure nothing falls off. Also, if you’re using any sort of perishable item, try spraying a clear top coat over the finished product to make sure that nothing changes color. Other than that, you’re free to design your letter however you like! Just be careful if you’re going to school somewhere far away, transporting a decoration with glue could get messy. Be creative, be original, and happy crafting!


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