Ping Pong Palooza

Fire code, shmire code. My first semester freshman year, I was in Raleigh, NC. I wasn’t really loving school, so I was spending a lot of time in my white-brick-four-wall-INSANE-ASYLUM- room. It was driving me nuts. So when I went home to Little Rhody for Fall Break, I was determined to bring stuff back to school with me to not make my room so boring. I had heard of people bringing Christmas lights with them and lining their walls with the lights, so that was my plan too. But, I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw that people were putting ping pong balls on the lights to make them brighter. I instantly fell in love. So I went to my local Target, found myself a bag of ping pong balls, and got to work. I snuck into my shed at my house and snagged 2 strands of Christmas lights, threw them in my suitcase along with the ping pong balls, and I was set. When I got back to school, I was actually excited to be in my room for once. All I needed were some scissors and tape (or Command hooks if you have extra laying around). Now to actually start my DIY craft!


Take your ping pong balls and your scissors, and use one side of the scissors to make an X on the ping pong ball. Big enough so that the Christmas light will fit in it, but not too big so that the ball slips off. Second, push the ping pong ball (the side you just made the X on) onto the light. Repeat until all of your lights have ping pong balls on them, and hang up your new super-cool lights! You can use white Christmas lights like I did, or if you want an extra splash of color, you can use the colored Christmas lights. It’s your room, feel free to personalize however you like! And if you’re feeling extra crafty, take a sharpie and draw some designs on the ping pong balls. Happy crafting!


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