Mason Jar Mamba

Mason jars have a multitude of uses, from storing food to growing plants to holding paper clips. As most people know, college dorm rooms have very little space to store things, which leads to a very unorganized space. You can find mason jars at your local craft store (or if you’re really tight on your budget, I found some at The Dollar Store near my house), and while you’re there try to pick up some spray paint and any other cute decorations that you could personalize your jar with. Instead of going to Target or Walmart and buying those cheap ugly desk organizers, you can make your own desk organizers however you want! Just put some newspaper down and if you don’t want the whole jar to be covered, throw some tape on to protect the jar from the paint. These are such a cute way for you to decorate your desk at school to match whatever aesthetic you’re going for in your room. If you have any unused mason jars left over, try making an overnight oatmeal in your mini fridge for breakfast the next morning. There’s tons of easy recipes for it, and it tastes way better than the stale bagels at the dining hall. Happy crafting!


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